André Stolz hails from Germiston, east of Johannesburg. During his high school years, his love for music and theatre was encouraged by a brilliant piano teacher, a masterful choir mistress and two inspirational teachers who directed him in several school plays and nurtured his burgeoning passion for the performing arts. At school, he also had the privilege of seeing many plays produced by the Performing Arts Council of Transvaal (made defunct in 1994) which left an indelible impression.

At the end of his drama studies in 1981 at the University of Pretoria, he made his television debut in, an Afrikaans version of Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard.  An experience which left him in doubt as to the direction he wanted his life to follow.

From 1983 he worked as a professional actor. 1997 was a milestone year: he put on the producer’s hat and produced his first theatre play, Chekhov’s Women, Wives & Witches for the National Arts Festival, directed by Tobie Cronje. Not only did this experience spark a life-time love affair with Chekhov, it also showed him he had what it took to be a good producer.

Andre’s deep love for music not only prompts him to attend as many recital and concerts as time allows him – he also extends his interest in classical music by managing Wits Trio who are based in Johannesburg.